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ASB Elections

ASB Elections for the 2023-2024 school year are coming up!

(Go to the homepage for all of the flyers)

Current 7th graders will be able to run for a position on the ASB given that they meet the requirements and will be able to join the current ASB board for training/experience during the 4th Quarter.

Candidates will also have to go to a mandatory informational meeting and give a speech in an assembly along with some other tasks. Good luck!

The following are the procedures you need to follow in running for an office:


  1. Read the ASB Election 2023-2024: Declaration of Candidacy Form carefully!

  2. Choose an Advisor.  You may ask any staff member at Huntington. (Advisors are only allowed to assist TWO candidates.)

  3. Complete the Declaration of Candidacy.  Be sure you meet all the qualifications.  

  4. You must decide what one (1) office you wish to run for by TBD.

  5. Your completed Declaration of Candidacy must be submitted by the required date by 4:00 PM. 

  6. All qualified candidates must attend a MANDATORY MEETING on TBD at 12:30.  You must also email Ms. Kido your speech (approved by your advisor) at this meeting (NOT BEFORE).

Schedule - TBD

Information/Schedule (Important!!!):

2023-2024 Information Sheet 

ASB Candidacy Declaration

ASB Officers Descriptions

ASB Election Guidelines

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