Fox Garden


The Peace Garden meets every Thursday during lunch in the garden near room 300. At the moment, the garden is getting a major facelift. With the help of students, we have cleared out overgrown weeds and plants. We were also able to give plants who needed some extra love to teachers and students. Students have also replanted plants of their own to take home. 


Since we are in the process of making brand new planters, we have began leveling out the dirt and cleaning out the area. Students also began propagating of veggies and herbs so they are ready to be transferred when the planters are ready. 


As we continue to meet, students will have the opportunity to help make the plants, plant veggies and herbs to take home and enjoy or donate. They will also create a succulent wall and garden and zen garden. All which will take time, but hope to be done with by the end of the school year. 


Our hope for the garden is for students to have a safe, fun place to go to and relax while enjoying nature.