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2023-2024 ASB Officers


ASB President

Conor Jen

Hello! My name is Conor Jen, and I am your ASB President this school year. Some of my responsibilities will be to oversee the school events, like dances, lunchtime activities, and to share the morning announcements. In my spare time, you can find me watching youtube videos, playing tennis, and playing piano. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to an awesome year with all of you!



Riley Trinh

Hello everyone, I’m Riley Trinh and I am this year’s ASB Secretary.  My role is to document what is discussed during each ASB meeting.  My hobbies are dancing, listening to music, and making video edits.  If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hi or ask me any questions!  Have an awesome school year!


a Tham

Hi everyone! My name is Celina Tham and I am your ASB treasurer. My job is to manage all ASB funds. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing piano, riding my bike, and baking. Hope to see you around campus! Have a terrific school year!


Director of Hospitality

Emily Cheung

Hi Foxes! I’m Emily Cheung, your Director of Hospitality for this school year. My job is to make everyone feel welcome and also make all of the birthday grams. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends and listening to music. If you have any suggestions or concerns, let me know and if you see me around, say hi!


Director of Technology 

Michael Mo

Hi everyone! I’m Michael Mo, your 2023 - 2024 Director of Technology. I manage the ASB website. I’m also in charge of playing music during lunch. In my free time, I like to build robots and play the violin. Feel free to send me song requests or email me with any concerns or questions!


Director of Special Events

Riley Lieng

Hi my name is Riley Lieng, and I am the 2023-2024 year Director of Special Events. I help run the school dances and create special dress up days. I enjoy playing volleyball and video games. Hope we can become friends!


Director of Public Relations

Angie Li

Hello! I'm Angie Li and I'm the Director of Public Relations. I'm in charge of making the posters for the events that you are going to be having and placing them all around the school. In my free time I like to draw and read books. I hope you have an amazing year!


Director of School Betterment

Ethan Hong

Hi everyone!  I’m Ethan Hong, your 2023-2024 Director of School Betterment.  Through your suggestions, I try to keep our campus clean, and I am also the liaison for our clubs/hangouts.  Outside of school, I play both the piano and cello, and I always want to try something new.  I can’t wait to make this a memorable school year for you!


Director of 8th Grade Activities

Anna Harper

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Harper and I am your Director of 8th grade activities! My job is to make fun lunchtime activities for the 8th grade, and if you ever have any suggestions feel free to email me. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and reading books. I hope everyone has a great school year!


Director of 7th Grade Activities

Henry Huang

Hello everyone, my name is Honghan Huang, or you can just call me Henry. I am the Director of 7th Grade Activities this year. I plan to make fun activities at lunch for the 7th graders. I wish everyone in the school a wonderful year and create great memories!


Director of 6th Grade Activities

Celeste Berlejung

Hi everybody! I am Celeste Berlejung and this year I will be your Director of 6th Grade Activities for the HMS’s ASB 2023-2024 school year. My #1 job is to make the new 6th graders have fun and plan events for them. In my free time, I love singing, acting, and helping animals and others. I hope I can be a great friend to all and make the year the BEST! If you want to suggest any activities or have any questions, or just talk, my email is always open at, and I hope we can become friends!


Ms. Kellie Kido

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